I want to keep learning new steps in the dance of life

I will always be learning new steps, always dancing. Here in my little corner of the street there is organic gardening, art, clay, glass, painting and fiber art, writing, music, dogs, and coffee with friends who drop by.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ok, Alright...

So we work a little slow. Please forgive us! It is not easy being me, you know!

I've been called, to my face, a Renaissance woman. Let's leave that pretense at the door, though it's a wonderful compliment. I think ADD is the modern term for Renaissance..but who am I to say.

This blog is about sharing, sharing the culture that surrounds me, the friends I share it with, the food I prepare, the art I love and that includes, sewing, writing, recycling, dumpster diving, painting, making tile, making mosaics and fusing glass. I also garden mostly for my own food, and I cook to satisfy an appetite for life and different ethnic cuisines and to give friends a taste of all the places I have been.

This blog is for all of it. Somedays I may spend more time in the kitchen than the studio, or make a mosaic, or share an old project or what I found in a dumpster, or what I've written, or what seafood vender drove by the house and shared a bounteous catch.

I'm hoping you'll enjoy it.